The Thousand Oceans

The Olman Catacombs

On recommendation from a local Aranea, the party took a hidden path beneath the mountains to get to Farshore. However, even this pass was not without its dangers. Terror birds guarded their nest, which laid at the entrance. The party slew them and continued.

They found Olman catabombs, now fallen in a state of ruin. Remarkably, a map of the entire island had been preserved in the first chamber. Although not immediately useful, perhaps it would come in handy later.

After killing a pair of monstrous centipedes, and nearly losing two party members in the process, the party subsequently encountered a black pudding that proved just as troublesome. Fortunately, they had enough firepower to tear through it.

The party decided to rest, and several had nightmares. One was of a bizarre creature, deep beneath the ocean, terrifyingly massive and powerful. The other was of the local god of the dead, spinning two sticks in opposite directions, one red, one blue. The same dream gave the party a vital clue: something hidden in a fountain in a previous room. The party returned and found the item: a stick, similar to the red one in the dream, but missing its crook.

The party returned to the last chamber and inserted the red stick, to no effect.

Then they wandered into another part of the crypt, where the dead were lain to rest. Several mummy guardians came to life and attacked, but were easily dispatched.



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