In a world, ravaged by an insane god, the great centers of civilization are each isolated unto each other. Held at a distance by vast expanses of water, dangerous oceanic monsters and their own greed, the nations of the world leave themselves open to attack from without. Now, thirty years after the latest extra-planar threat, a calm has settled over the world and a young heiress and her unusual entourage have carved a small niche of sanity on the shores of the Isle of Dread. But now the heiress, Lavinia Vanderboren, has disappeared in the night, and all signs point to the Crimson Fleet and the Serpents of Scuttlecove…

The Thousand Oceans is a Savage Tide campaign in a home-brewed world converted to Pathfinder with a few added touches. The group consist of Noah, Robbie, and Victoria. Their characters are currently level 14 on the moderate experience curve in Pathfinder.

The Thousand Oceans

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