St Cuthbert

Rumored to have once been a mortal man, Saint Cuthbert is an stern deity. He hates evil, but is more concerned with law and order, with converting the uninformed, and preventing backsliding among the faithful.

Worship of Saint Cuthbert

Cuthbertines (that is, worshipers of Saint Cuthbert) practice their faith on the roads of the ocean world. Their churches can be large cathedrals, but are most commonly wayside shrines and small, rude chapels.

Most Cuthbertines have some sort of involvement in law enforcement, from marshals to volunteer guardsmen. Preferring to get straight to the point of the matter, combined with their preternatural stubbornness, it’s easy to see the members of Cuthbert’s faith to be seen as extremists and even sometimes terrorists, but the members of the faith just tend to show more horse sense than the rest of the world and will beat anyone until they agree.

St Cuthbert

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