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The Thousand Oceans

Welcome to the Thousand Oceans. A world of high adventure, mystery, horror, and laughter.

The World of the Thousand Oceans

The name of the planet now simply called the Thousand Oceans is lost to antiquity, its residents simply referring to it by its most prominent feature, a near endless number of seas and bodies of water that surround and permeate the few spotted land masses.

The Thousand Oceans has another distinguishing feature, it has three moons. Moons of the Thousand Oceans

Countries and Allegiances in the Thousand Oceans
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Deities of the Thousand Oceans

There are many deities worshiped across the islands. The following page gives a list of some of the more popularized ones and their domains. Deities

Life in the Thousand Oceans

The people of the Oceans are hardly simplistic. Several belong to so called “Secret Societies,” that they use to meet with people of higher stations and increase their status in the world.

Races of the Thousand Oceans

These are the races of the Thousand Oceans are as many as the stars. Races

Savage Tidings

Any one who needs a link to the previous Savage Tidings, find them here.

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