The Arcane Circle

  1. Carceri
  2. Alterianis
  3. Coryan
  4. Yeman Draconis
  5. Milandant

Oer Oceanisia

  1. Armedio
  2. Lanaess
    Falcon’s Slate
    The Dark Moors
  3. Ulek
  4. U’lst

The Eladrin Confederacy

  1. Elorii
  2. Teliq’Siir
  3. sil’Qalin

Unaligned or rebel nations

  1. Lords of the Sea
    Crimson Fleet
  2. Suel Remnant
    The Scarlet Brotherhood
  3. Blood Sea Isles

The wild lands and frontier islands

  1. The Isle of Dread
    The Seven Tribes


The Thousand Oceans DrowinMJ