Dawn Council

Dawn council


A red spire rising from an island.

Background, Goals, and Dreams

After emerging from the despotic rule of the Sea Princes, the citizens of Sasserine were reticent to return to the traditional rule under a solitary lord-mayor. Instead, rule of the city fell to seven long-standing noble families, each representing one of the city’s seven districts. The driving goal of the Dawn Council is to see Sasserine return to its glorious roots as a port of call for exotic trade and exploration.

Enemies and Allies

Sasserine has no shortage of enemies. The surrounding swamps are rife with bullywug tribes and other savage humanoids that constantly vex the outlying plantations and farms that support the city. The Scarlet Brotherhood is a traditional enemy of the city as well, yet it has of late been making pretenses of allegiances and truces. The pirates of the Crimson Fleet are another thorn in the Dawn Council’s side, and attacks by their ships on merchants and other ships bound for the city seem to be on the rise. The churches of the city are strong supporters of the Dawn Council, assisting with coin and divine might when needed.


The seven noble families that comprise the Dawn Council include the Lidus, the Taskerhills, the Arabanis, the Dracktuses, the Knowlerns, the Islarans, and the Lorchesters. Yet in truth this affiliation comprises all the minor noble houses, sages, scribes, clerks, and other who help in the daily business of administration of the city. The Dawn Council controls the Sasserine city watch, and the city’s churches have much invested in this group as well. Beyond Sasserine’s walls, agents of the Dawn Council function as ambassadors, emissaries, missionaries, or even spies.


Not all of the noble families of Sasserine have the best interests of the city at heart. In particular, the Dracktus family seems uninterested in representing its district of Shadowshore at council meetings. Emil Dracktus all but stole his position on the Council from the previous titleholder, and the other members are often ill at ease in his presence. Whispers that Emil has made secret allegiances with the Scarlet Brotherhood have begun to circulate.




11 (multiregional/duchy)

Titles, Benefits, and Duties

Numerous sub-affiliations work within the Dawn Council, ranging from the countless craftsman guilds to the city watch itself. All members are expected to support the city’s growth and protect its interests as best they can within the venue of their chosen fields. Executive Powers: Holiday, Law, Mint


Character level +1/2 levels
Hereditary Scion of Sasserine +1
Charisma 13 or higher +1
Trained in Diplomacy +1
10 or more ranks in Diplomacy +1
Trained in History +1
10 or more ranks in History +1
Married to someone with an affiliation score of 4 or greater. +1
Per 10,000 gp (gp limit) of property in Sasserine or her colonies +1
Landowner +1
Spends one day/week conducting council affairs +1
Win a power struggle against a social equal in the affiliation +1
Lose a lot of face in the affiliation -1
Exposes a plot to harm Sasserine +1
Save Sasserine from major setback +2
Save the city from conquest +4
Saves the life of a Lord/Lady of Sasserine or one who has a seat on the Dawn Council +1
Associates with known enemies of Sasserine: current list includes Sea Princes and Scarlet Brotherhood -2
Found guilty of minor crime -2
Strongly suspected of major crime -4
Found guilty of major crime -8
Strongly suspected of treason -15
Found guilty of treason -30


3 or lower Citizen: no benefits
4-10 High Citizen: You are considered a valuable citizen of Sasserine. As long as you maintain this status or higher, your crimes will be pardoned in Sasserine. Note that getting convicted makes you lose this standing very quickly. +2 circumstance bonus to Knowledge: Local or Diplomacy checks to gather information in respectable Sasserine society.
11-20 Scion of Sasserine: Considered a minor noble. Gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy, Gather Information checks, and Intimidate in Sasserine or when representing Dawn Council interests.
21-29 District Councilor: Take a seat on the dawn council; may bear a coat of arms. You and your descendants become Scions of Sasserine in perpetuity. Gain +2 circumstance bonus on Will saves made against enemies of Sasserine.
30 or higher Lord/Lady of Sasserine: Earn hereditary position as District Councilor as per the level above. The Dawn Council provides you with a villa and plantation; gain a 500 gp/month income and a +2 bonus to Diplomacy score as a base. Must either spend 1 day a week attending to this business or have a trusted servant do so.

Dawn Council

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