Jasque DuClive

Jasque is an alchemist trying to- something. . . something. . . his dark side?


Jasque doesn’t stand out much in a crowd. He has brown eyes, a hawkish nose, and a tanned freckled face. His hair is short, light blonde, and well-groomed (though it won’t stay flat). Hawkish nose and a freckles on a tanned face. Walks with a small limp from a childhood injury. Hands shake slightly. Usually wears light-colored shirts with dark-colored leggings and simple boots.

Affiliation Score:

Seekers – 6.5


Jasque doesn’t like to dwell on the past. He says his life wasn’t very interesting before he took up adventuring. Born in Shadowshore, the home of thieves and thugs, where he might have led an ignominious life. His mother died while he was a child and his father was too busy adventuring and carousing to support him. He was raised by his sister until he could support himself, he was bullied a lot as a kid. The moment he found the slightest employment, she was off to serve as a cleric of Kord in the Champion’s District. Since then, Jasque has moved from job to job. He has been rejected from military and academic institutions, so all his work has remained in Shadowshore. The first steady job came, ironically, from his father.

His father, Clive, brought a friend to Shadowshore, there to set up shop. The man, Elimir, claimed to be an alchemist by trade. He set up his alchemy shop and suggested to Jasque that he work there. Business was decent and Jasque enjoyed the work, although the pay was little. He claimed that he understood Jasque’s desires to see the world, to be more powerful, and to learn magic. He he began trying to teach Jasque and found he had a great internal capacity for magic, like a sorcerer, but that he couldn’t draw it out the same way as they can. He also had difficulty with the wizard’s art, but through out his training found the focus of an alchemist’s laboratory suited him, and the concept of infusing parts of his magic into physical form, worked well for him. Despite his success, he sometimes falls into a darker mood about his power, and wonders aloud about where his power really comes.

In the ensuing weeks, Jasque has become an eager, obsessive student of his new abilities. He feels the urge to test out his powers on a larger field, discover more concoctions, and prove himself to the world. His master approves thus far. Jasque feels the nagging desire to eventually break free of his master’s tutelage. After he has learned all he can, he wants to set out on his own and explore the world freely. He also wonders whether there are other scientific secrets to be had here in town, and so he seeks them out as well.

After encountering Lavinia, the noble patron, he began a series of adventures with allies. Now Jasque travels the high seas to a distant island, hoping to make a name for himself.

Jasque DuClive

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