The Thousand Oceans

Reunions, Riddance and Returns

Stuck in the Weed

After attempting to outrun the field of sargasso that seemed to be chasing them, the crew of the Wyvern ran aground on the stuff sending everyone to the deck knocking them out for hours. When they woke up, several crewmen were missing. Assessing the damage, they found a large crack in the prow of the ship, below the waterline if they weren’t being held by the strange batch of kelp.

The Rage

Only 500 yards from where the Wyvern was trapped, the remaining members of the party found the wreck of another ship recently caught. Aboard they met the survivors of it’s misplaced passage: Cyrus a Nerothian cleric from Carceri and Khuzrik a savage oracle on a spiritual quest. They explained how they encountered the Isle of Madness on a short tour close to Cyrus’ home country in the north and were whisked away by the chaotic forces of the floating island far south of the known waters. They also told of creatures that came in the night to take the living and the dead into the fog.
The crew explored the ship and after dealing with some of the sargasso’s more hateful vines, recovered a note from the ship’s former captain. The captain wrote that he felt an evil force in the center of the sargasso, but the note was cut off and the captain was confirmed as one of Cyrus and Khuzrik’s missing shipmates.

Whispers in the Fog

That night, the Wyvern prepared for war and it soon got it. Waves of horrific creatures formed from the sargasso itself began to assault the ship. Several made it to the ship under the cover of the oppressive fog.



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