The Thousand Oceans

The Scouting Party

Taking Stock

The morning after the storm, the Jasque, Tagrin, and Cyrus took stock of any damage and losses while Samuel and Khuzrik rested, the former lashed to the wheel. The crew all seemed to be in great condition, but they were four sets of eyes down from when the group left Sasserine. Cyrus rectified this by raising four skeletons, after a short argument with the priestess of St. Cuthbert. The ship was in excellent condition, but the light of day and the passing of the storm revealed how much effort would be required to free the Wyvern, for now they would have to leave it until they could bring help from Farshore.

Soon after midday, the skeletons alerted everyone to a disturbance in the trees. The disturbance turned out to be an adolescent tyrannosaurus who was investigating the beach for food that may have washed ashore. It tried to intimidate Jasque away from the ship, perceiving him as another predator. The fight ended when he bit the dinosaur’s throat out. It wasn’t long before Cyrus got to thinking.


The Swamp

The three waking members of the party decided to scout around the area, partly at Jasque’s insisting after remembering rumors about the island and partly from Urol’s desire to catalog fauna. Tavey Nesk, the ship’s cabin boy, begged to come along so he could be like his heroes.

Their first stop was a nearby swamp where rumor held that mysterious lights appeared after dark.

Mysterious things happened.

Shit was weird.

The Forest

Fought off some terror birds that came looking for a tyrannosaurus corpse, but didn’t expect it to fight back. One tried to make off with Tavey before Tagrin blocked its escape with his ball lightnings and Jasque tore off its legs.

Near a crater, the scouting party discovered a herd of diplodoci, and fell witness to a young diplodocus that got caught away from it’s family being hunted by a flock of terror birds. Urol pleaded with the party to help the poor “little” thing, but in the end it was only Tagrin who helped the small sauropod evade his pursuers.

The Ruins

After emerging from the forest, the scouts found a ruin of Olman design, as old probably as the Thunderer. In these ruins, the group met Lithira, who welcomed them and offered them a place to rest for the night. She also informed the party of a pass beneath the mountain that may speed their quest to Farshore for aid in freeing the Wyvern.



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