The Thousand Oceans

The Heart of the Sargasso

Confronted with a fight against the darkness at the center of the island, will the heroes stand?

On the Sargasso

After fighting for survival the night before, the party discusses possible strategies to defend them against the “kelp horrors.” Jasque and newly acquired brother in legs, Khuzrik, sought to find the center of " Journey’s End. " After a debate lasting most the morning, the group set out from " Sea Wyvern " to see if they could find something there to free them or at least maybe kill whatever was sending the seaweed “zombies” after them.
The group camped the night in the skeleton of a ship some thousands of years old. When the attack came again at night, Tagrin attempted to read the monsters’ thoughts. He then discovered the dark entity controlling the kelp horrors, The Mother of All.
The following day, the party found their way to a forest of seaweed, at the center of which they found the wreck of an Olman ship that was ancient beyond reckoning. Inside the ship, they traversed the moldy pathways of the ship until they reached the bottom and the birthing pit, where the Mother of All rested. The giant monstrosity fought against the heroes, but was eventually brought down under their combined strengths. Despite not knowing each other long, the group already fights like they’ve known each other for years.

The End of the Journey

After being picked up by the Wyvern, they crew set sail four fewer for the Isle of Dread. A storm kicks up just before they’re in sight of the island, but Samuel managed to sail the ship through a reef before dropping anchor. The storm lasted through out the night before leaving the Wyvern, the party and the rest of the crew beached on the Isle of Dread.



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