The Thousand Oceans

The Olman Catacombs

On recommendation from a local Aranea, the party took a hidden path beneath the mountains to get to Farshore. However, even this pass was not without its dangers. Terror birds guarded their nest, which laid at the entrance. The party slew them and continued.

They found Olman catabombs, now fallen in a state of ruin. Remarkably, a map of the entire island had been preserved in the first chamber. Although not immediately useful, perhaps it would come in handy later.

After killing a pair of monstrous centipedes, and nearly losing two party members in the process, the party subsequently encountered a black pudding that proved just as troublesome. Fortunately, they had enough firepower to tear through it.

The party decided to rest, and several had nightmares. One was of a bizarre creature, deep beneath the ocean, terrifyingly massive and powerful. The other was of the local god of the dead, spinning two sticks in opposite directions, one red, one blue. The same dream gave the party a vital clue: something hidden in a fountain in a previous room. The party returned and found the item: a stick, similar to the red one in the dream, but missing its crook.

The party returned to the last chamber and inserted the red stick, to no effect.

Then they wandered into another part of the crypt, where the dead were lain to rest. Several mummy guardians came to life and attacked, but were easily dispatched.

The Scouting Party

Taking Stock

The morning after the storm, the Jasque, Tagrin, and Cyrus took stock of any damage and losses while Samuel and Khuzrik rested, the former lashed to the wheel. The crew all seemed to be in great condition, but they were four sets of eyes down from when the group left Sasserine. Cyrus rectified this by raising four skeletons, after a short argument with the priestess of St. Cuthbert. The ship was in excellent condition, but the light of day and the passing of the storm revealed how much effort would be required to free the Wyvern, for now they would have to leave it until they could bring help from Farshore.

Soon after midday, the skeletons alerted everyone to a disturbance in the trees. The disturbance turned out to be an adolescent tyrannosaurus who was investigating the beach for food that may have washed ashore. It tried to intimidate Jasque away from the ship, perceiving him as another predator. The fight ended when he bit the dinosaur’s throat out. It wasn’t long before Cyrus got to thinking.


The Swamp

The three waking members of the party decided to scout around the area, partly at Jasque’s insisting after remembering rumors about the island and partly from Urol’s desire to catalog fauna. Tavey Nesk, the ship’s cabin boy, begged to come along so he could be like his heroes.

Their first stop was a nearby swamp where rumor held that mysterious lights appeared after dark.

Mysterious things happened.

Shit was weird.

The Forest

Fought off some terror birds that came looking for a tyrannosaurus corpse, but didn’t expect it to fight back. One tried to make off with Tavey before Tagrin blocked its escape with his ball lightnings and Jasque tore off its legs.

Near a crater, the scouting party discovered a herd of diplodoci, and fell witness to a young diplodocus that got caught away from it’s family being hunted by a flock of terror birds. Urol pleaded with the party to help the poor “little” thing, but in the end it was only Tagrin who helped the small sauropod evade his pursuers.

The Ruins

After emerging from the forest, the scouts found a ruin of Olman design, as old probably as the Thunderer. In these ruins, the group met Lithira, who welcomed them and offered them a place to rest for the night. She also informed the party of a pass beneath the mountain that may speed their quest to Farshore for aid in freeing the Wyvern.

The Heart of the Sargasso
Confronted with a fight against the darkness at the center of the island, will the heroes stand?

On the Sargasso

After fighting for survival the night before, the party discusses possible strategies to defend them against the “kelp horrors.” Jasque and newly acquired brother in legs, Khuzrik, sought to find the center of " Journey’s End. " After a debate lasting most the morning, the group set out from " Sea Wyvern " to see if they could find something there to free them or at least maybe kill whatever was sending the seaweed “zombies” after them.
The group camped the night in the skeleton of a ship some thousands of years old. When the attack came again at night, Tagrin attempted to read the monsters’ thoughts. He then discovered the dark entity controlling the kelp horrors, The Mother of All.
The following day, the party found their way to a forest of seaweed, at the center of which they found the wreck of an Olman ship that was ancient beyond reckoning. Inside the ship, they traversed the moldy pathways of the ship until they reached the bottom and the birthing pit, where the Mother of All rested. The giant monstrosity fought against the heroes, but was eventually brought down under their combined strengths. Despite not knowing each other long, the group already fights like they’ve known each other for years.

The End of the Journey

After being picked up by the Wyvern, they crew set sail four fewer for the Isle of Dread. A storm kicks up just before they’re in sight of the island, but Samuel managed to sail the ship through a reef before dropping anchor. The storm lasted through out the night before leaving the Wyvern, the party and the rest of the crew beached on the Isle of Dread.

Reunions, Riddance and Returns

Stuck in the Weed

After attempting to outrun the field of sargasso that seemed to be chasing them, the crew of the Wyvern ran aground on the stuff sending everyone to the deck knocking them out for hours. When they woke up, several crewmen were missing. Assessing the damage, they found a large crack in the prow of the ship, below the waterline if they weren’t being held by the strange batch of kelp.

The Rage

Only 500 yards from where the Wyvern was trapped, the remaining members of the party found the wreck of another ship recently caught. Aboard they met the survivors of it’s misplaced passage: Cyrus a Nerothian cleric from Carceri and Khuzrik a savage oracle on a spiritual quest. They explained how they encountered the Isle of Madness on a short tour close to Cyrus’ home country in the north and were whisked away by the chaotic forces of the floating island far south of the known waters. They also told of creatures that came in the night to take the living and the dead into the fog.
The crew explored the ship and after dealing with some of the sargasso’s more hateful vines, recovered a note from the ship’s former captain. The captain wrote that he felt an evil force in the center of the sargasso, but the note was cut off and the captain was confirmed as one of Cyrus and Khuzrik’s missing shipmates.

Whispers in the Fog

That night, the Wyvern prepared for war and it soon got it. Waves of horrific creatures formed from the sargasso itself began to assault the ship. Several made it to the ship under the cover of the oppressive fog.


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